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Meadows Mills History

Meadows Mills had its beginning around 1900 at Pores Knob in Wilkes County North Carolina. Pores Knob is located about eight miles south of North Wilkesboro. A mechanically inclined Baptist minister, Reverend William Calloway, W. C., Meadows, designed and built a burr mill with stones mounted in a vertical position as opposed to the conventional flat or horizontal mills generally used up until that time. In his shop on Moravian Creek, Rev. Meadows began manufacturing these burr mills, and in 1907 he obtained a patent on his design; thus, forming the W. C. Meadows Mill Company.

In 1908, a group of North Wilkesboro men bought the W. C. Meadows Mill Company, erected a factory in North Wilkesboro, and continued manufacturing Stone Burr Mills on an enlarged scale. Production reached its peek during the World War I period of the early 1920's. The year 1924 marked a milestone in the history of Meadows Mills. The W. C. Meadows Mill Company acquired the New Williams Company, which had been manufacturing vertical stone burr mills since 1912, and the W. J. Palmer Company, a manufacturer of sawmills. The new companies became known as Meadows Mill Company operating under the ownership of Edward and Richard Finley. The new company moved into a factory, which had been erected by the Williams Company in 1918. The Meadows Mill Company operated in this location until 1965.

In 1965, a building containing 48,000 square feet was constructed in downtown North Wilkesboro and the company moved from the old plant without losing a day of production. Meadows Mills, Inc. still operates from this location today.

In 1990, a group of investors, who included Bob and June Hege, purchased the Meadows Mill Company from the Finley's. Meadows Mills, Incorporated was formed. In 1991, the Heges assumed complete ownership of Meadows Mills, Inc. and today are active in the corporation as President, Bob and Secretary/Treasurer, June.

As the years have passed, Meadows Mills has made continuous improvements in all lines of equipment. Meadows products are recognized throughout the world as high quality, low cost machines ready to provide years of dependable service. Meadows sawmills, hammer mills, and stone burr mills are used throughout the world. Meadows Mills has manufactured approximately 10,000 sawmills, 6,000 hammer mills, and 37,000 stone burr mills. We continue to proudly manufacture and service sawmills, hammer mills and stone burr mills.

In 1998, Meadows Mills, Inc. purchased Andrus Saw Sharpeners, a division of Apex Manufacturing of Eugene, Oregon. The Andrus Saw Sharpener had been manufactured under the leadership of Jerry Toy since 1948. The company was moved to North Wilkesboro and continues to operate successfully today.

On May 1, 2001 Meadows Mills, Inc. purchased Miner Edger, a division of Soule' Steam Feed Works, Inc. of Meridian, Mississippi. Miner Edger produced nearly 10,000 edgers since 1923. Miner Edger was a part of the Soule' family since its beginning in 1923. Miner Edger is now a division of Meadows Mills, Inc. and operates in North Wilkesboro.

On July 8, 2004 Meadows Mills, Inc. completed the purchase of Lane Equipment Company and Lanetech of Barre, Vermont. Lane sawmills have been manufactured since 1848. Lane Equipment and Lanetech are now a division of Meadows Mills, Inc. and operate in North Wilkesboro.

On October 13, 2006 Meadows Mills, Inc completed the sale of Lane Equipment Company and Lanetech Sawmills to Bornemann & Greene of Morrisville, VT.

In March, 2012 The Heges accepted a new partner into their ownership group when Corey Sheets rejoined Meadows Mills after a 5 year absence. Corey has more than 20 years experience in the industry. He oversees the engineering group and the purchasing department.